by Bianca Ghose
July 17th, 2015

The overwhelming mandate for CEOs to publicly engage is extremely compelling. Eighty-one percent of executives around the world believe it is important for CEOs to have a public presence for their companies to be highly-regarded.

That is the crux of the findings of our CEO Reputation Premium report.

Weber Shandwick, in association with KRC Research, recently conducted a survey covering over 1700 executives across 19 countries. The question – how important is the visibility and social reputation of a CEO in relation to the reputation of the company?

Our survey unearthed some significant, but not surprising, results which shed light on the importance of communication and engagement in this digital age. In a world which is connected in real time, it is no longer possible for CEOs or business executives to keep a low profile. There is a growing consensus that corporate reputation, to a large extent, is determined by the repute of a CEO. Thus, investing in the reputation of a CEO is not an option but a necessity in today’s engagement era.

The CEO Reputation Premium examines the best engagement practices of the most highly regarded CEOs, and shares our learning in building executive equity and visibility. According to this survey, 80% of the respondents said CEOs need to communicate effectively and engage more publicly to tell their company stories. Thus, creating a strong external profile of the CEO is integral to the brand’s image. 69% of the executives surveyed said the reputation of a CEO will be intrinsically linked to the company’s reputation in the coming years. More survey highlights, in the infographic below.

CEO Repuutation Premium  Screenshot

At the launch of the report, Leslie Gaines-Ross, our chief reputation strategist, led some of India’s top PR and communications professionals into an engaging conversation around how executive reputations are built, enhanced and protected. Here are some images from the event. Watch Leslie talk about how CEO engagement is particularly critical to corporate reputation, in this video.


Leslie also discussed some of the best practices for building strong CEO reputations with The Economic Times. You can read the article, here.

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